A Dads view on Nulo

Hey friends,

Its Pheobe’s dad here updating you on her status, while she sleeps in the other room.

Pheobe is not one to brag so I will do so for her. So far she has lost a total of 5 lbs. She eats a lot less food than she did before and id full for longer. She gets very excited when I put the food in the dish!

Although, she also gets mad when I forget. Hey, hey, Sundays I am off schedule and forgets sometimes. Good thing I have a little brown dog to remind me 🙂

The biggest changes are not in her weight. Although, I would not qualify her as a fat dog anymore. Her coat is getting lots of attention from people around town. Connie, the woman at our insurance agency, has noticed how beautiful it has gotten.

The other big change is her bowel problems have all disappeared. Pheobe was a dog who had a hart time going. She would get constipated and it would cost a vet visit. Who knew that it could be fixed with a great Nulo diet?

From a dad who loves his little girl Nulo is top notch. She has a beautiful coat, feels better, eats less, has lost some weight, and is in overall better health. Who could ask for more?


Pheobe’s Dad

P.S. Don’t tell her I posted shhhhhhhhh

Look for pictures of the whole new Pheobe tomorrow evening.

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Pheobe here: Happy National Dog Week

Hello friends,

Happy National Dog Week. This week is designed to show just how much dogs RULE. We really do rule!

To celebrate I asked my dad if I could sleep in this week. No early morning runs, that seems fair? He actually had the nerve to say NO.

He says that part of proper diet is exercise as well. NULO is also a great source for a proper diet.

Well friends, I hope you take the time to show some dog love this week. After all it is our week.



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Pheobe here:

Hello friends, how is your week going so far?

I got to have what my Dad calls a treat yesterday. I got to go for an extra walk. Yes, I got the pleasure of him allowing someone else to walk me. She actually thought I should move when she wanted. Who has heard of such a torture?

She was a sweet little girl that my Dad knows. Just because he is friends with her mother I must take an extra walk.

Looks like its going to storm, here. I hope you all have a safe dry evening.

I am going to go munch on my delicious Nulo food and head for an early evening nap. I just cant get enough if this delicious food my dad has been giving me.  I feel like a new dog!



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Pheobe Here: Hapy weekend friends

I hope everyone had a good week! The weeks are very hard for me as I have to hold down the bed all by myself. Dad leaves me alone for most of the day. I am not sure exactly where he goes or what he does, he won’t tell me.

Anyway, I am very happy to report that I have lost pound since I started the Nulo diet. I tried to object but the food just taste so good.

Off to have another helping before bed.

What are your weekend plans?



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Oreo here – Friends I have some great news to report:  Our new floors are dry and I am no longer confined to just a bedroom, bathroom, safe room and 5 to 10 acres of land to run around on.  I am now allowed to go into the rest of the house without fear of my nails marring the newly refinished floor.  If I want to nap on my day bed in the family room there are no walls to confine me.  If I want to come inside and wander through the kitchen a few barks are all it takes to get the attention of either my Dad or Mom to come open the door for me.  Once again freedom will ring from the hills around my home in Rendville!  No longer will I be limited by the fear that my nails will scratch the floor and my hair will stick to the finish.  The treatment that I have had to endure for the last 10 days has finally come to an end.  I’m free at last!  I will now go and take my nap….

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Oreo here from my confinement….

Oreo here – Greetings! it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post anything! There has been a great deal of activity going on at our house lately. Some men showed up last week to sand and refinish the wood floors in our house that got damaged in the flood back in March. With all of the sanding and dust I had to be confined to my Mom and Dad’s bedroom and bathroom. The traumatic part of this whole ordeal was when I heard the man call my Mom at work to find out where they ‘normally tied me up outside’ since they were ready to put finish down on the floor. Why would he think that I would be tied up outside ever??? Like an animal? Anyway, my Dad (who is my hero) came rushing home and rescued me! The men have finally left but Mom says I can’t walk in the rest of the house for a few more days. I’m confined to just a moderate size bedroom, bathroom, my ‘safe room’ and 5 to 10 acres of land to run on, it’s awful! In the meantime I’ve been on a diet eating my new Nulo food. It tastes pretty good but I don’t really eat as much food as I used to because with Nulo I seem to get filled up a little quicker. I appreciate all of your concern while I am confined…

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Happy Wednesday!

Pheobe Here:

When you have a nose like mine you can find all the goodies on those forced marches. You have to keep your strength up to try and find away to make this torture short.

Yesterday afternoons walk was an exceptionally good one, for me. First we stopped so Dad could give a piece of paper to Oreo’s Great Uncle Phil. Personally, I think it was a secret message detailing the torture that was ahead for our forced march.

He kept calling me Sophie for some reason.  But, he sure does know how to show a dog some love.

We made my favorite stop that we don’t get to make everyday. My good friend Connie always makes sure to sneak me a treat. I use my antennas to send her a message that this girl needs a snack. She’s so easy to manipulate.

What else did you think those ears are for?

When Dad wasn’t looking I eat that piece of bread he said I couldn’t have. I tried to explain that I deserved it for using my superior dog nose to track it down; he can be a hard sell on things like that.

He told me I could have the tomato I found. I don’t know about you friends but, I don’t like tomatoes, yuck.

Then I found it Dog gold. I found a stash of snack cakes just around the corner from home. I was so pleased that my mouth began to water. Sigh, dad through them in the trash can and told me I couldn’t have any.

I hear Dad calling for me in the other room. Looks like I am off on another forced march. The one great thing about those is I get a fresh batch of that NULO food when we get back. Dad thinks I turn into a little piggy when he puts it in my dish.

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