Happy Wednesday!

Pheobe Here:

When you have a nose like mine you can find all the goodies on those forced marches. You have to keep your strength up to try and find away to make this torture short.

Yesterday afternoons walk was an exceptionally good one, for me. First we stopped so Dad could give a piece of paper to Oreo’s Great Uncle Phil. Personally, I think it was a secret message detailing the torture that was ahead for our forced march.

He kept calling me Sophie for some reason.  But, he sure does know how to show a dog some love.

We made my favorite stop that we don’t get to make everyday. My good friend Connie always makes sure to sneak me a treat. I use my antennas to send her a message that this girl needs a snack. She’s so easy to manipulate.

What else did you think those ears are for?

When Dad wasn’t looking I eat that piece of bread he said I couldn’t have. I tried to explain that I deserved it for using my superior dog nose to track it down; he can be a hard sell on things like that.

He told me I could have the tomato I found. I don’t know about you friends but, I don’t like tomatoes, yuck.

Then I found it Dog gold. I found a stash of snack cakes just around the corner from home. I was so pleased that my mouth began to water. Sigh, dad through them in the trash can and told me I couldn’t have any.

I hear Dad calling for me in the other room. Looks like I am off on another forced march. The one great thing about those is I get a fresh batch of that NULO food when we get back. Dad thinks I turn into a little piggy when he puts it in my dish.


About Two Fat Dogs

Just two fat dogs on a mission to find all dogs a forever home.
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One Response to Happy Wednesday!

  1. Pheobe,

    I know that you dogs will eat almost anything, but the tomato looks a little yucky. And I would worry about that stash of snack cakes. They might be tainted. You better stick with your NuLo diet.


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