A Dads view on Nulo

Hey friends,

Its Pheobe’s dad here updating you on her status, while she sleeps in the other room.

Pheobe is not one to brag so I will do so for her. So far she has lost a total of 5 lbs. She eats a lot less food than she did before and id full for longer. She gets very excited when I put the food in the dish!

Although, she also gets mad when I forget. Hey, hey, Sundays I am off schedule and forgets sometimes. Good thing I have a little brown dog to remind me 🙂

The biggest changes are not in her weight. Although, I would not qualify her as a fat dog anymore. Her coat is getting lots of attention from people around town. Connie, the woman at our insurance agency, has noticed how beautiful it has gotten.

The other big change is her bowel problems have all disappeared. Pheobe was a dog who had a hart time going. She would get constipated and it would cost a vet visit. Who knew that it could be fixed with a great Nulo diet?

From a dad who loves his little girl Nulo is top notch. She has a beautiful coat, feels better, eats less, has lost some weight, and is in overall better health. Who could ask for more?


Pheobe’s Dad

P.S. Don’t tell her I posted shhhhhhhhh

Look for pictures of the whole new Pheobe tomorrow evening.


About Two Fat Dogs

Just two fat dogs on a mission to find all dogs a forever home.
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