Pheobe here: Another day another abuse

Friends, I need your help with something very serious. Today, Dad decided that I needed to start running with him. How am I going to get out of this? Let’s put all our dog heads together and brainstorm a solution. I know what you’re thinking that I could just start walking with a limp. I thought of that already but fear a trip to the V.E.T.

What do you think I should do?

Dad decided to take me to the New Lex High School track to begin this horrid abuse. I though I was home free when the sign said no dogs. I thought I had scored a home run with that one. Did that stop him? NO.

Then if that weren’t enough he made me walk around the school on the trail.

Friends, I am in desperate need of a good excuse to get out of this. What would you use to get out of it?



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Pheobe here:

Friends, I found this video and thought I would share. I know my dad feels this way about me. He and I are cuddling under the blankets ready for bed. It sure has been cold here the last few nights. Off to get under the covers, stay warm!

Tell me what you think, so true right?

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Pheobe Here: Happy Weekend Friends

Weekends are my favorite time of the week, friends.  When you work as hard as I do making sure the bed doesn’t blow away, you need a break.

Plus, on weekends Dad isn’t forced to check his mail so early in the morning. DO you know what happens to dogs at the post office? They tie us out front like wild animals. I do my best to protect dad from a distance. I tell everyone who enters to be nice to my Dad.

I give them my best growl.

What do you think friends, do I look scary?

On Saturday Dad says that I am his seeing eye dog and he sneakes me in the post office, shhhhhhh.

What are your weekend plans?



P.S. The reward is still being offered for proof of the ghost Bullmastiff

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Pheobe here: Congratulations new dog Mom Lauren with her baby Gypsy

Every dog deserves to have a forever home. Not all dogs are as luck as Oreo and myself to have such wonderful parents.  That’s why we get excited when one of our friends becomes a new dog Mom or Dad.

Gypsy was found as a stray on the streets of Cleveland, by a good Samaritan.  When she was found she was severely underweight, weighing only 17 lbs instead of 35-40, and had mange. This good Samaritan took her to the vet who began treating her. Because he could not keep her she was taken to the kennel.

Unfortunately, the kennel does not the have funds to treat a dog with such severe medical problems.  Plus, because, our friend is part pit bull (Gypsy not Lauren silly) she would not be put up for adoption without some help. That’s where our good friends at Friends of the Cleveland Kennel stepped in to help.

With help from fundraisers, donors, and dog lovers they were able to pay for her medical cost.  As a certified adoption agency they placed her in foster care, after passing her temperament test.

Lauren was luck enough to adopt Gypsy on August 4th of this year. Lauren says she is great with kids, other dogs, and strangers. I wonder if her dog has met a bullmastiff yet? Those dogs scare me because they are so big.

Her Mom says that swimming is her favorite hobby. In this heat who can blame her?  My favorite hobby is digging in the trash. I mean, um uh, giving my dad lots of love. Yeah that’s it, that sounds like a good one.

Big wet kiss to the Friends of the Cleveland Kennel who made this all possible.

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Oreo here – I guess I’m now on a DI-et…

My Mom who’s idea of a dog treat for me is oxygen has decided that I’m now going to be on a diet.  We started this yesterday and I would normally feel tortured but so far this new food is pretty tasty.  As you can tell by my picture I tried to argue with Mom but she told my Dad that the NULO site says to give me about the same amount as before which is about 2 cups daily.  So far this Chicken & Brown Rice food tastes pretty good but I’ll let you know as we go along!  I will be wasting away to almost nothing as they say I have to lose between 3 and 4 lbs!  After dinner tonight I chased a deer through the front yard and thought it would be a delicious snack but as quick as I am, it got away….  Time for my nap as I have a long time to wait until it’s time to eat again.

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Pheobe here: A tail of a broken coffee pot. My side of the story, the truth.

Friends, I am being haunted by the ghost of a bad dog. This ghost keeps getting me in trouble and I am tired of it. Yesterday he dug in the recycle bin and made a mess all over the floor. Last night he broke the one thing in the world my dads loves almost as much as me, the coffee pot. So friends here is my side of the story:

So, Dad was leaving me alone, again, to go do his laundry. I try to tell him every time that I am a great laundry dog. He refuses to listen, can you believe that? Anyway, he left and I was minding my own business in MY bed. The one that dad keeps under his desk so he can keep me close to help him think. Things were going smoothly when who shows up? That bad dog ghost, that’s who, comes to makes a mess and gets me in trouble.

He gets to work right away digging in the recycling and spreading it all over the floor. I tried to stop him but he just wouldn’t stop. When I thought I finally had him under control he then wants a cup of coffee. I told him that a bullmastiff does not need coffee. Did I mention he is bigger than me? That’s, why I can’t stop him. Yeah, yeah, that’s right that’s why I can’t stop him. Back to the story, he then got into the coffee pot that Dad left on the counter and knocked it on the floor.

Well friends, I don’t have to tell you that it broke. I was so upset that I hid in the corner until Dad got home. I was so nervous, as I usually am, when he began to pick up the recycling. He laughed and did his usual ugh to the mess.  He tells me that he laughs because that bin doesn’t have anything I consider fun, he’s right. When he saw that the ghost had broken the coffee pot he was very mad. He made me go lay on my bed while he cleaned up the mess.

I tried telling him my story about how the bullmastiff ghost had done it. He did not believe me, at all. I was so upset that he did not trust me enough to listen to my story before I got punished. Friends, how do I catch this ghost in the act? Please I am sending out and S.O.S. beacon for help.

I am offering a reward for the capture of this ghost. Half a days kibble to anyone who helps me get out of trouble. Anyone with a spare get out of jail free card? This look can only get me so far.

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Pheobe here:

The Divinity Of Dogs This video made me think of my Dad.  My dad has all he needs with me.  I give him something to do every night…..clean up the trash.

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